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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Editors note: Some people had trouble reading so here is the transcripts!


Evil takes form in Regina George - kidding! (Not really, but she’d totally write my name in the Burn Book if I said anything too bad about her). This “Mean Girl” is one of the most iconic blondes on screen and there’s a reason: She has two Fendi bags, a Silver Lexus, and her hair is insured for $10,000. Regina George is the girl everyone wants to be. She has it all and she won’t let you forget it. She is cunning, strategic, and rocks the baby tee mini skirt combo. This Queen Bee may have used her powers for evil, but I am here to tell you how to tap into your inner Regina George, but without the manipulation and backstabbing.

Nothing is more iconic than Regina George strutting out of the locker room wearing a tank top with two holes cut out of it. I don’t know what’s more cool, the way she didn’t care or the fact that everyone was wearing it the next day. Channel this energy into your own lifestyle. It’s easy to get caught up in the opinions of others, but what truly matters is how we feel about ourselves. Wear that unconventional outfit, who knows, maybe you’ll start a trend of your own.

Beauty and brains! Regina is way smarter than most people give her credit for. She is calculated and constantly coming up with ways to take advantage/control of whatever situation is thrown at her. She can manipulate everyone around her to not only do what she wants but respect her while doing it. Regina has a powerful personality that was used to do more damage than good, which is why it was such a joy to know she ended up using it for something productive. Take a page out of Regina’s book and use your strengths to your advantage. It’s all about finding the right balance. Everyone has qualities that can be used positively, and it’s up to us to harness them in ways that benefit not only ourselves but also those around us.

Regina George is the kind of girl who spends hours getting ready in the morning, carefully selecting her outfits, doing her hair and makeup, and making sure every detail was perfect. It wasn’t just about vanity for Regina - it was about confidence. When she felt good about the way she looked, she felt more powerful and in control. Despite her sometimes mean and manipulative behavior, Regina is a person who cared deeply about how she presented herself to the world. Remember that beauty is skin deep and confidence is what truly shines through. While it’s important to take care of your appearance and present yourself in a way that makes you feel good, it’s equally important to focus on building your inner self. Put effort into your appearance, but don’t forget to work on having a strong sense of confidence and self-love. When you feel good on the inside, it will radiate outwards and make you shine.


Every evil villain has a lair, Regina George is just a teenage girl, so instead she has a gorgeous bedroom that is for a Queen Bee who rules with an iron fist, or in her case, high heels. If you aren’t obsessed with Regina’s bedroom, I suggest you do a rewatch because I don’t think it’s possible to not want to at least spend one night looking through magazines on her canopy bed which literally spells out the word princess over it. Our lead plastic convinced her parents to switch rooms with her and although that may have been kinda sort of totally evil, it was so worth it. This princess palace is every 2000s girl’s dream — Avril Lavigne posters, canopy bed, CD collection, and tons of photos of her friends.

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!

Is this even a Regina George inspired room if there’s no pink? From the curtains of the canopy to the furniture, and even her clothing — Regina incorporated pink. It’s not just any ordinary pink, it’s Plastic pink which is pretty much ranging from baby pink to ruby pink. Have fun with this and try incorporating some pink into your own space. It could be as simple as a throw pillow or a fun accent wall. This adds a touch of femininity and playfulness to any room.

Music sounds better with you!

Although Regina wasn’t said to be a music lover, if you look closely, you’ll see how much she adores music! Beside the fireplace, Regina has two posters — one with Avril Lavigne and one with The Strokes alongside her CD collection. If you’re a music lover, take inspiration from Regina and add some posters of your favorite artist, plus put your music on display. RG had CDs, but vinyls and cassettes would look just as cute and make your room truly reflect your personality.

Scrapbook your walls!

You might not see Regina as the scrapbooking type, but she enjoyed decorating her walls. Throughout Regina’s room, she has multiple bulletin boards featuring photos of her friends, clippings from magazines, buttons, and memories she enjoyed. Get a few bulletin boards for your room and decorate them with photos of your choosing - a board dedicated to friends would be exactly like Regina’s, but I think a vision board would also look great.


Regina George is fabulous, obviously! Her wardrobe is so recognizable and has become a huge part of pop culture, setting fashion trends for years to come. From her iconic ‘A little bit dramatic’ ensemble on Wednesdays to her ultra miniskirts and high heels, Regina’s fashion sense is unforgettable. I mean, seriously, who decorates their back brace with flowers? Regina gives off major 2000s princess energy, and it’s no wonder why we still try to emulate her to this day. If you want to achieve a plastic look, you will definitely want to start off by getting some slogan t-shirts. Rg loved super cute phrases like Princess and Angel. Viewers see it all over her room. Her Socialite shirt was so iconic that we even saw Gretchen wearing a shirt with the same phrase later on in the film. Whether you purchase a shirt or create your own, you will give off total Regina vibes with these tees. Mini skirts are a true essential to tackling Regina’s style. She has so many styles, from leather to pleated skirts, invest in some high-quality skirts that will be fun to mix and match. For a true Y2K feel, thrift your skirts! Try using Depop and Thredup to find those super cute vintage Abercrombie minis (hopefully Regina doesn’t call it an ugly skirt behind your back). A forgotten detail most people forget is how much this Queen Bee loves her initials, the R necklace she wears with every outfit to her pink pjs with a small R written in script. Customize your stuff and make it unique by adding your initials to them. You can get creative with this by adding it to your jewelry, phone case, or even your bags.

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clara roomani

i love this so much do you think you could do one for a day in the life of a vs model or a model

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