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Updated: Jun 7, 2023


To: Miss know it all

From: Wedding Guest

Dear Miss Know It All,

I have been in a debate this past few weeks because i am going to have a wedding of a family member and i have been seen a lots of dresses but never know which one is THE one . I am always afraid of ending up buying and then i will see another one that i like more . Would you please be the big sister and find a dress with me, i really love Kendall jenner wedding guest dresses kind of style my budget is until 200$.

To: Wedding Guest

From: Miss know it all

Dear Wedding Guest,

Kendall has some phenomenal wedding looks that are sexy, stylish, and turn heads! Here are some KJ inspired gowns that I hope you will love!

Norma Kamali, Halter Turtle Side Slit Gown ($175) - click me!

Reformation, Dover Dress ($178) - click me!

Reformation, Larenta Knit Dress ($178) - click me!

Norma Kamali, Shane one-shoulder cutout stretch-jersey gown ($175) - click me!

Meshki, Neck Wrap Midi A-Line Dress ($125) - click me!

Meshki, Lace Detail Satin Maxi Dress ($105) - click me!

Princess Polly, Jazelle Maxi Dress ($70) - click me!


Here are some dress suggestions if you're willing to go over budget!

Katie May, Sloane Gown ($295) - click me!

Reformation, Liya Midi Dress ($250) - click me!

Hours, Silvana Midi Dress ($218) - click me!

Worn by Kendall when she was a bridesmaid Bec and Bridge, Moon Dance Strapless Dress ($280) - click me!


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