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front row at fashion shows, creating mood-boards, forbes thirty under thirty, traveling nonstop, interviewing supermodels, office in new york city, extra large black coffee, face full of la prairie skincare products, rewatching devil wears prada a million times, red leather gloves, sky high heels, always carrying around a laptop or ipad, arriving extra early to photo shoots, louis vuitton luggage set, closet filled with gowns, guerlain orchidée impériale mask, pulling all nighters to write articles, designer handbag shopping, fresh manicure, beauty and brains, sipping on champagne, ralph lauren towels and bedsheets, oat milk, early morning yoga class, studying fashion trends, listening to podcast on the flight, sleeping on silk pillowcases, golden age films, ginger shots, fresh white roses, vintage bmw, best friends with celebrities, visits to the library, trips to the farmers market, taking inspiration from everywhere, homemade pasta, having a collection of the new yorker, jotting down notes, mastering several languages, sophisticated taste, jazz music playing on the record player, keeping a journal.

successful / ariana grande

run the world / beyonce

glamorous / fergie

only girl / rihanna

suddenly i see / kt tunstall

xs / rina sawayama

can’t get you out of my head / kylie minogue

it girl / pharrell williams

you’re so vain / carly simon

money / leikeli47

you don’t own me / lesley gore

20 something / sza

grrrls / lizzo

her / megan thee stallion

i feel love / donna summer

luxurious / gwen stefani

hot girl / charli xcx


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