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To: Miss know it all

From: Thea Pope

Dear Miss Know It All,

How can I be more expressive (maybe style wise so people will approach me even though they don't know my personality or what I like) so people will want to be my friend?

Sincerely, Thea Pope

To: Thea Pope

From: Miss Know It All

Dear Thea Pope,

A great way to express yourself without verbally saying it is having items that show off what you are interested in! This will help people know a bit of your personality beforehand and strike up some conversations with those who share similar interest. My favorite items are buttons, school supplies, t-shirts, and phone cases. Trust me, my One Direction notebooks were the best conversation starters in middle school.

Search for your pieces at stores like Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and Loungefly since they sell Pop culture, Music, and Tv/Movie items that are SO adorable! I guarantee you will find something that you love.

If you want to make friends, don't be afraid to speak up and start some conversations yourself. Style will only take you so far but the best thing you can do is show off your personality through telling stories about yourself and talking about your hobbies and interest.


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